What Does Manna Sustainable Protein Flour Taste Like?

Manna Sustainable Protein Flour is a staple ingredient for your baking and cooking, allowing you to sustainably increase the protein content (and quality) of almost any food. Being an \ingredient, one of the most important things to us and our customers, is taste.

If you’re familiar at all with cricket flour, we want to assure you that Manna is very different in taste. Cricket flour can taste mealy, chalky, and earthy—and that’s for a few reason, not the least of which is that cricket protein is quite high in sodium. Manna contains 5x less sodium than cricket protein, so the natural flavor is much more subtle and neutral.

Manna has a pleasant, nutty smell. As for taste, we describe it as having a light sunflower seed flavor. Depending on the quantity used, Manna is virtually undetectable in foods. Used in recipes like brownies, smoothies, and cakes, the flavor of Manna is overwhelmed by the main ingredients. In more subtly flavored foods, like breads, Manna provides a note of sunflower seed, or tree nut. There is no change in texture to the food, Manna is ground very finely.

Have you been baking or cooking with Manna? Share your recipes with us! We love hearing about our customers’ favorite uses of our product.

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